What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

We were on vacation and rain caused our pool to overflow into my house and created quite a disaster. SERVPRO was called and it was amazing at the great job they did in restoring our home back to living conditions. Thank you so much!

I will tell all my friends about your expert cleaning service when I had water damage to my home. What awesome technicians and excellent service.

Our old chest freezer from my grandma finally bit the big one and began leaking everywhere in our garage. SERVPRO took care of the leak fast and minimized the damage we would have had to deal with.

Fort Myers has always been good to me until my aunt's place had a flood. With flood and water damage up to her ankles, I had my aunt call the Fort Myers Punta Gorda location. They had a crew of guys taking care of my aunt's house in no time. Very professional, friendly, and explained the situation to my aunt and me. They even took care of the insurance. Highly recommended

I have had the opportunity to use SERVPRO at my home for extensive water damage. I scheduled the appointment and they were on time , it did not take them long to remedy the water damage problem. The service was more than I expected. I will use them again.

We had an early wakeup call when our kitchen sink began leaking into the cabinet below. Despite it being 5 in the morning, they took our call, scheduled an assessment and was out fixing our leak and the flooding in the kitchen that very day.