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What to Wear for Mold Removal

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

specialist in PPE combating mold in a building Personal protective equipment is necessary when confronting mold growth.

Six Items To Wear During Mold Clean Up

Personal protective equipment is necessary when confronting mold growth in your Burnt Store, FL, business. The microscopic nature of mold spores allows them to be easily airborne, attaching to clothing and hair and carried to other parts of the building. A professional mold remediation team will have the equipment and training to safely and effectively address the mold problem. However, minimal growth identified early on can often be addressed personally. To prevent the spread of mold and protect yourself from potential health effects, here are six items to wear during the cleanup process:

1. Protective Clothing

The key to protecting yourself during mold cleanup is coverage. Wearing long sleeves and pants is a must, while larger jobs or extra protection could require a disposable Tyvek suit. If wearing your regular clothes, be sure to remove and launder immediately after leaving the work area to minimize the spread of spores.

2. Disposable Hair Covers

Mold spores can land on hair and be inhaled or carried to other areas of your business. Wear a disposable hair cover and be sure to remove it every time before leaving the work area.

3. Disposable Shoe Covers

Disposable covers protect your shoes from being a vehicle for mold spores to carry to other places of your business. Remove the shoe covers before leaving the work area and use a fresh pair every time to help contain the mold.

4. Disposable Gloves

Any material will do when selecting disposable gloves for mold cleanup but ensure the fit is snug. If your gloves are too big or loose-fitting, mold spores may find their way underneath the material.

5. Face Mask

An air-purifying respirator is required to protect your health when working near mold. These face masks will filter out particles in the air, protecting your lungs from the potential health effects of mold spores.

6. Safety Goggles

Finally, safety goggles will shield your eyes from mold spores and other irritants that can be stirred up through debris and cleaning products.

Important Watertight Features of Your Building

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Water pouring from ceiling Roof leak in Solana, FL.

How To Keep Water Out Of Your Commercial Property

If you expect your Solana, FL, building to keep water out during a storm, you need to make sure it is watertight. A leaky roof, for example, can lead to rain damage even in the mildest of storms. As you try to figure out how to keep water out of your commercial property, you need to think about the watertight elements, including the following:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Windows

Checking out these features before the stormy season can help you reduce the need for a commercial restoration specialist.


This system acts as the top layer of your building envelope. Not only do the shingles play a role in keeping moisture from seeping into your building, but so does the underlayment, edging and roof deck. You need to make sure every component of your roof is in top shape to ensure your property is at its best.


The siding and sheathing work together to create a watertight barrier around the sides of your building. Cracked or warped siding could allow rain damage to affect your property. Even a loose board could spell disaster if the wind gets strong enough to rip it off.


The doors and windows of your property act as a vulnerable point. Rain may be able to pool along with the frames of the fixtures if they are not properly installed. When water seeps through the frames, you may end up with black mold growth in places you don't want it. Before a storm hits, you need to check each window and door to make sure the weather stripping is in good condition. You could also check the panes and jambs for signs of defects.

The building envelope helps keep the rain damage to a minimum. If any part of this system is damaged or missing, you may end up with a lot of water in your space after any storm. It may be beneficial to hire a professional inspector.

3 Ways To Eliminate Smoke Odor After a Business Fire

5/25/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage in Punta Gorda, FL.

3 Ways To Eliminate Smoke Odor

In addition to the structural damage caused by a fire at your Punta Gorda, FL, commercial property, there will also be smoke damage. Smoke particles are small and persistent. They can create an unpleasant odor long after the property has been restored. There are many smoke cleaning methods that can be used to eliminate lingering odors. The following are three of the most effective.

1. Air Filtration
An air filter is the simplest way to permanently remove smoke odor. Devices with HEPA filters are particularly effective. As air passes through the filter, the odorous particles are trapped. The size and number of filtration machines needed depend on the size of the affected area and the level of contamination. Change or clean the filters according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure the machines are always filtering properly.

2. Ozone Treatment
If your business needs a more potent smoke cleaning technique, ozone may be a solution. Because of the particular atomic makeup of ozone, it combines with smoke particles and forms a new compound that no longer smells like smoke. The process is carried out by a machine that releases ozone into the air of the affected rooms. Ozone treatments should be handled by a certified restoration company that has the knowledge and experience to ensure your building is safe before you reenter the property.

3. Thermal Fogging
Thermal fogging is a highly effective odor remediation technique. In a fire, the heat causes porous surfaces to expand. After the fire has been extinguished, the surfaces cool and contract. This process traps the smoke odor inside the surfaces. Thermal fogging uses a heated deodorizing fog to penetrate porous surfaces and eliminate lingering odors.
After a business fire, many owners assume that simply cleaning and repairing the affected surfaces will eliminate the smoke smell. Unfortunately, it is often not enough. However, there are many smoke cleaning methods that can be employed to address the problem.