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Fire damage to dining room wall.

Recovering from Fires

Fire Damage Restoration in Punta Gorda, FL

This home in Punta Gorda, FL was ravaged by a kitchen fire. Fires can be incredibly disconcerting, but the restoration process doesn't have to be stressful. Our hardworking teams ensure that your belongings are cared for and your home is restored as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Dehumidifier drying out room.

Stabilizing the Air

Water Damage Cleanup in Punta Gorda, FL

When water sits in a room, much of it evaporates into the atmosphere. If that environment is not kept moving, the air can become stagnant, giving rise to a number of problems such as mold damage and decay. SERVPRO is here to address any water or mold damage restoration needs!

Fire damage on commercial ceiling.

Protecting Your Business

This Punta Gorda, FL business experienced a fire, and SERVPRO of Punta Gorda helped continue business as usual while restoration was underway. As a business owner, you have many responsibilities, and it can be difficult to devote attention to unexpected disasters. Let SERVPRO of Punta Gorda do the heavy lifting for you!

Employee cleaning up fire damage.

Commercial Fire Cleanup

Fires are incredibly disruptive for your business or life in general. our teams are here to help your business continue to operate, serve your customers, and turn a profit. If your Punta Gorda, FL business has been affected by a fire or other disaster, SERVPRO of Punta Gorda is here to help!

Buckling floors.

Buckling Floors Is A Sign Of Water Damage

This is what your floors might look like after a water loss. As the moisture is absorbed by your floors and migrated beneath your flooring, it can cause your Punta Gorda floors to warp and buckle!

Mold growing on walls and ceiling of bathroom.

It Is Not Easy To Remove Mold

Properly and safely removing mold is not an easy task and it can be dangerous too. Knowing the proper procedures and wearing the proper protective gear is crucial during the cleanup process.

Team members at dinner.

Christmas Dinner With Our Team

We had a great time at our Christmas party at Columbia with our team last week. The food was amazing and the company even better. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year! 

A living room with fire, soot, and smoke damage.

Kitchen Fire in Punta Gorda Home

A fire in the kitchen of this Punta Gorda home caused a ton of soot and smoke damage throughout the home. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team quickly responded to the scene and began the fire damage cleanup process!

Standing water in a hallway.

Water Damage Is Common After A Fire

A Fire Can Lead to Extensive Water Damage

A fire can set off the sprinkler system on your property. This can lead to extensive water damage beyond the fire, soot, and smoke damage.

Black soot covering medical equipment.

Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration Experts

Getting your business in Punta Gorda back up and running after a fire is very difficult. It is impossible to do without the proper training and equipment. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team is the leading expert in fire damage cleanup and restoration.

Hallway in a home with soot and smoke damage on the walls and ceiling.

Fire, Soot, and Smoke Damage Is Not An Easy Task

#1 Choice In Fire Damage Cleanup in Punta Gorda

A fire can leave your Punta Gorda home with extensive fire, soot, and smoke damage. Our SERVPRO team can take care of all your fire damage cleanup and restoration needs!

Green SERVPRO van.

Always On Call and Ready To Respond

Our SERVPRO team is proud to serve our community through natural disasters. When a storm passes through, you can always count on our SERVPRO team to be there to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Flooded warehouse in Punta Gorda.

We Can Get Your Business Back Up And Running After A Storm

Your business operations can be brought to a complete halt due to a storm in the Punta Gorda area. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team will work hard to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible after a storm!

Man pushing equipment in a church.

Proper Water Extraction Can Be Very Difficult

A storm in Punta Gorda flooded this church with significant water damage. The carpet quickly soaked up the incoming water. When this happens on such a large scale, it is next to impossible for the average person to properly extract the water in a timely fashion. Leave your water extraction and cleanup needs to the professionals at SERVPRO of Punta Gorda!

SERVPRO van parked outside home.

Emergency Storm Cleanup Services Near You

Emergency Storm Response Is Always Near

As the local leaders in storm damage cleanup and restoration in Punta Gorda, you can always count on our SERVPRO team to be there to help after a storm!

Vinyl plank flooring being removed.

Heavy Rainfall Can Damage Your Home

Heavy rains in Punta Gorda left this home in need of our emergency water cleanup services in the early morning hours. The heavy rainfall resulted in water leaking in the home and damaging several rooms throughout the property.

Mold growth behind baseboards.

Even A Small Storm Can Cause A Lot Of Damage

A Storm Can Lead To Mold Damage In Your Home

A storm passing through Punta Gorda can easily spark a full-blown mold infestation in your home. All it takes is for a source of water to present itself and a mold infestation can begin to grow and spread.

Two team members in PPE gear performing decontamination services.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Punta Gorda

Have you heard of our Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned program? With our new initiative, we offer viral pathogen cleaning and decontamination services to homes and businesses of any size in the greater Punta Gorda area!

Clean bathroom in commercial facility.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Punta Gorda

Our crew is the #1 choice for all your commercial cleaning needs. We offer decontamination and viral pathogen cleaning services to businesses of any size in the greater Punta Gorda area!

Soot damage to ceiling in a business.

A Fire In My Business, Who Do I Call?

This was the ends results after a fire broke out in a local Punta Gorda business. The property managers quickly called our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team and once we arrived our crew immediately got to work on the fire, soot, and smoke damage cleanup!

Mold growth on baseboards and floors.

Mold Infestations Spread Quickly

I found a mold infestation in my business, what do I do?

Call our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team! Mold infestations quickly spread and cause a ton of damage to your property. Our crew can take care of all your mold remediation and cleanup needs and stop the mold infestation in its tracks.

Soot damage to ceiling.

Commercial Fire, Soot, and Smoke Cleanup in Punta Gorda

If a fire breaks out in your business, it can leave behind a ton of fire, soot, and smoke damage. This type of damage is very difficult to clean up without the proper training and equipment. 

Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team can get your business back up and running again after a fire!

Hand holding moisture detection device.

Commercial Water Mitigation Services in Punta Gorda

Moisture Meters Help Us Locate Moisture

If your business in Punta Gorda suffers from a water damage event, our team will use moisture detection devices to locate any hidden moisture left behind. Finding all the moisture on your property is crucial in order to avoid any further damage.

Standing water in an office space.

Water Extraction Services in Punta Gorda

A major water damage event on your commercial property of Punta Gorda can leave behind a ton of water. The water removal and cleanup process are very difficult if you do not have the proper training, experience, and equipment. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team can take care of all your water extraction and mitigation needs.

Team member cleaning soot from ceiling.

Punta Gorda Fire, Soot, and Smoke Cleanup

SERVPRO of Punta Gorda is the leading fire, soot, and smoke cleanup expert in the greater Punta Gorda area! Our team is currently working hard on a commercial fire cleanup job after a small fire left the majority of the property with significant soot and smoke damage.

Team outside loss.

Dedicated To Helping Our Punta Gorda Community

No matter the day or hour, our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda crew is dedicated to being there to help! Our crew is on standby and ready to respond to your residential or commercial loss in Punta Gorda around the clock, 7 days a week!

SERVPRO team member working on ceiling.

Highly Trained & Experienced in Commercial Restoration

If your business suffers from a loss, you will want to call a crew that you can trust with all your cleanup and restoration needs. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda crew is highly trained and experienced in commercial restoration. There is no such thing as a loss too large for our SERVPRO team to handle!

Drying equipment on floor in hallway of a business.

Avoid Major Business Interruptions - Call SERVPRO of Punta Gorda

Even a small water leak can cause a ton of interruptions to your Punta Gorda business. Our crew is highly trained and experienced in commercial water damage cleanup and restoration and we are always here to help, no matter the day or hour!

SERVPRO trucks and vans parked outside loss.

Commercial Water Cleanup Experts in Punta Gorda

Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team recently responded to a business in the Punta Gorda area that suffered from a significant water damage event. The daily business operations were quickly brought to a halt, so our team worked quickly to get the business back up and running!

Soot damage to warehouse.

Warehouse Fire in Burnt Store

To get your Burnt Store, FL, business back up and running after a fire it takes special knowledge and equipment. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team is highly experienced and trained in fire damage cleanup and is always here to help!

Soot damage on ceiling.

Soot & Smoke Damage Cleanup

Soot and smoke damage is the common aftermath of a fire to your home or business in Punta Gorda. Though it might seem straightforward, the cleanup process is not that simple. Our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team is only one call away! 

Team member standing on a ladder.

You Can Put Your Trust in SERVPRO of Punta Gorda

When you call our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team, you can rest assured that you are calling the #1 team in disaster restoration in the greater Punta Gorda area. Always on standby, always ready to help - (941) 575-5910.

Severe mold growth.

Mold Damage is Common in Punta Gorda

Mold infestations are very common in the Punta Gorda area. If you come across a mold infestation in your home or business, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO of Punta Gorda team a call for all your remediation and cleanup needs!

mold growing on wood

Suspected Microbial Growth on Wood

Mold Removal in Punta Gorda, FL

The owner of this home knew SERVPRO of Punta Gorda was the team to call after noticing a musty smell in their home. Our team found the source of the smell and got to work immediately to begin the mold remediation process

water disrupting paint on the wall of a florida home

Signs of Water Damage

Paint chipping and discolored walls are both signs of water damage. The owner of this Florida home gave our team a call after noticing this spot on their wall. Our team utilized moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to find the source of loss and begin restoration. 

a thermal imaging camera pointing at the wall

Thermal Imaging for Water Damage

Our thermal imaging cameras are an important part of the water restoration process. Our teams are trained to identify water damage even in invisible places, utilizing this equipment to truly tell how much moisture is hidden within the walls of a property after water damage. 

water falling from ceiling

Water Falling From Ceiling

What do you do when you come home to see water falling from the ceiling? First, shut the main water line off. Second, call SERVPRO of Punta Gorda. Our team is here to help 24/7, 365 with emergency water cleanup services.